A cybersecurity researcher says that he has found a way to infect a victim’s computer with ransomware.

The malware is designed to take control of the victim’s system and install a new version of itself to steal the user’s passwords, bank credentials, and other sensitive information.

The malicious software has the same appearance as the original version of the virus, but the new version is more difficult to detect.

“They use the same exact syntax,” said Michael Haas, a researcher at the cybersecurity firm Rapid7.

The researchers said they created a ransomware that uses the same malicious code as the previous version.

It also includes a new file, called ransacked.cab, that is encrypted and will encrypt data on the victim computer after it is encrypted.

“It looks like the old ransack.cabs.dll is being used to encrypt files,” Haas said.

It takes a few seconds to decrypt the files, and then the ransomware will encrypt the files.

“Once it’s encrypted, the malware will execute,” Haas told reporters at the National Press Club in Washington.

“The files that are being encrypted will contain a backdoor to the target computer.”

After it is installed, the new ransomware will steal the victim system’s credentials, bank passwords, and the information it stores in its files.

Ransomware is a form of computer intrusion, in which hackers demand a payment in order to gain access to a computer.

The latest version of this malware is the latest version and uses the RANSACK.CAB file format, which is used by ransomware.

It has a unique hexadecimal key used to decrypt files.

It’s encrypted and only readable by the original owner of the files when they are deleted.

The ransom is about $300, which means it is worth about $40 to an individual, according to the researchers.

The ransom is in bitcoin, which has a value of about $500.

“In short, they have used a combination of public key cryptography, public key infrastructure, and ransomware to deliver a ransom,” Haas added.

The ransomware’s creator, dubbed Kym, is believed to be based in Russia.

In May, he offered $5,000 for the decryption key.

“This attack is a perfect example of the type of threat that the FBI has been working on since the dawn of the ransomware,” FBI Director James Comey said in May.

“This is a sophisticated and organized threat that is targeting critical infrastructure.”

He added that the threat is growing, but that the United States is facing “the greatest ransomware threat since the invention of ransomware.”

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