With the election looming and the nation gripped by fear, the most courageous women in America are stepping forward to help make America safer.

Here are seven women whose stories should not be ignored: selina Gomez, 29: Former Miss South Dakota, who is the first transgender person to compete in the Miss America pageant.

Gomez was the first contestant to publicly disclose she was transgender.

She was the target of vicious attacks and threats, and she was bullied.

She told the story of how she came to be transgender in a speech at the United States Conference of Mayors.

“I wanted to take the risk, because I wanted to do something I had never done before,” Gomez said.

She said that she had been afraid for years of being rejected by men.

“But after coming out, I saw that people were finally starting to respect me,” she said.

“They didn’t have to look down on me anymore.”

Gomez was able to transition from a woman to a man, and her transition was the catalyst for her life changing decision to transition.

She is now the Director of Gender Identity and Sexuality Studies at the University of Miami.

She has also spoken out about her experience, including her experience in the military.

“In 2016, I experienced the highest rate of suicides in my entire military career,” she told The New York Times in a recent interview.

“There was no way I was going to get out.

I didn’t want to be a burden to my family.”

Seyra Harrison, 28: Actress and activist Harrison was one of the first celebrities to openly identify as transgender.

Harrison was on the cover of Vanity Fair for three weeks straight in 2017 and was recognized by the Transgender Law Center.

Harrison has been a vocal advocate for trans people and gender nonconforming people for the past several years, including a transgender-specific award she received for her work with the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Harrison is the founder of Transgender Law and Policy Center, and was the keynote speaker at the Transgender Pride Festival in 2017.

She lives in Los Angeles.

“We live in a time when a trans person can walk down the street, without anyone seeing them, and they can walk into a room and they are loved,” Harrison said in a statement to the Washington Blade.

“To be loved, and to be loved by all.

That’s not easy.”

Seyla Harrison is on the front lines in the fight for transgender equality.

source Breitbart Tech article Seyria Harrison is an outspoken advocate for transgender people and trans people who have lived their lives in the closet.

Harrison told the Washington Post in 2016 that the transgender community had been “silenced” for a long time.

“The truth is that for too long, the conversation has been about the ‘privilege’ of trans people.

And that’s a false conversation,” she wrote.

“Trans people are people, and we deserve to be treated equally.

We deserve to have equal rights under the law.”

In 2018, Harrison received a National Transgender Discrimination Survey from the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (TLEED) and was nominated for a 2018 Outstanding Activist Award from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

She is also the Founder and Executive Director of TransgenderLaw.org, a nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to advancing the rights of transgender people in the United State.

Seyana Harrison is a courageous advocate for the transgender rights movement.

She spoke at the Pride Festival 2017 in Los Angles.

“It’s not about you or me, it’s about all of us.

We need to come together to help each other and to support each other,” Harrison told The Washington Blade in a 2016 interview.

Harrison’s work is part of the transgender-inclusive transgender community’s efforts to ensure that transgender people are able to serve openly and be respected by society.

“Everyone is equal under the laws,” Harrison continued.

“If you are born a man and you live a long life, you can serve in the US military.

If you are transgender, you are a man.”

Seysa Harrison.

Source Breitbart News article Seylana Harrison.

source The Huffington Post Seyulia Harrison.

“You’re a hero to me, I just want to hug you, you’re my hero.”

— Seyara Harrison, transgender activist, to an audience member.

source “It is the most powerful feeling I’ve ever had in my life.

It’s the most wonderful feeling.”

— Transgender activist Seyya Harrison, in her speech to a crowd of LGBT supporters in Las Vegas.

source BuzzFeed Seyora Harrison is one of many transgender advocates that have shared their stories and support for transgender Americans, including Seyaya Harrison.

Harrison, a transgender woman, has been one of Seyira Harrison’s most prominent advocates, helping to organize the Transgender Rights in the City of New York March to Restore San Francisco.

Seysia Harrison, also known as Seyza Harrison, is an

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