Some of the most common IoT devices, including smart lights, smart thermostats, home security systems and other connected devices, can be hacked or compromised by a cyber attacker.

Many IoT devices are designed to function only in certain locations or require specific permissions to access them.

For example, an IoT device is designed to connect to an internet-connected lighting system or a home security system, but a cyber actor could access it by changing its location or modifying its permissions.

For other vulnerable devices, the attacker could gain control of a device by physically attaching a malicious payload to the device, or the device could be hacked by someone who could access the device remotely.

“A lot of these devices have been used in the past, but we’re now seeing more and more devices with more capabilities,” said John Fetter, director of research at security firm ThreatConnect.

“In the past it was really difficult to go in and find vulnerable devices.

Now, the tools are much more readily available to people.”

The most common types of vulnerable devices are wireless devices that can be connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Most IoT devices have Bluetooth capabilities, but other types of Bluetooth devices, like smart home hubs and smart thermoregisters, have Bluetooth support that can also be used for authentication.

But most IoT devices that are vulnerable don’t have the ability to authenticate with a Bluetooth device, making it harder to find and prevent attacks.

For instance, the IoT devices we’ve been using to help keep us safe often have built-in Bluetooth authentication, which means they don’t require users to log into their accounts and authorize their use of the devices.

The devices are often connected to a router or gateway, and they often use Wi-fi to connect.

“If you’re connected to that network and you have a Bluetooth-enabled device that you’re using, then the next question you should ask is: How do you authenticate that device?” said Fetter.

For some devices, such as smart lights and home security devices, authentication isn’t possible, but for other IoT devices like smart thermanyats, it can be achieved by adding the Bluetooth protocol to the hardware.

Bluetooth is an advanced Bluetooth standard that can’t be used by computers, but can be used to send messages between devices, and is used to provide security to devices that connect to a network.

If Bluetooth isn’t working, it’s possible that someone can gain access to a device.

Bluetooth can also use the Bluetooth device to log on to the network and remotely control a device that’s connected to it.

For those devices that don’t support authentication, such devices can also send messages using the protocol that can give the attacker access to the devices and send them to the attacker.

“The problem with Bluetooth authentication is that it’s really easy to be compromised because it’s so easily possible for someone to use it to gain access,” said Fitter.

“They could use the protocol to log onto your network and send a request for a device and then be able to do whatever they want to do with that device.”

This is especially true for devices that aren’t built to be connected remotely, like those that connect through Wi: “The Bluetooth specification is very specific, so it’s hard to say exactly how the Bluetooth connection works, or what the protocol is, but it’s pretty much always done that way,” said Mark Wahlberg, president of security consulting firm Trend Micro.

In many cases, the vulnerabilities are easy to find because there’s a strong likelihood that someone will already have the device in their hands, Fetter said. “

I would say it’s about 80 percent of the IoT that is vulnerable, but even then, it may not be as widespread as you think.”

In many cases, the vulnerabilities are easy to find because there’s a strong likelihood that someone will already have the device in their hands, Fetter said.

“You may have an IoT security device with Bluetooth enabled and you’re probably connected to Wi-Fys, you may have Bluetooth enabled on a smart thertopat, you have Bluetooth configured for your smart light, you might have Bluetooth on a router and it’s probably in a Wi-wan, it probably is in a smart light and it may be in a router, and it might be in your router and there’s nothing you can do about it,” he said.

Fetter pointed to another type of vulnerability, which is connected to Bluetooth through the WiFi network.

“These devices have Wi-fys, and those are connected to networks through the WiFi network,” he added.

“So if you’re a Wiwan user, you could have WiFys on your router, Wi-wans in your home, you’re likely connected to your router.

So you may not have to be on Wi-Wans to be vulnerable to this type of attack.”

Another common vulnerability, in which a device has Bluetooth enabled, but doesn

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