We’re often asked whether vulnerabilities in container security can affect us.

If you’ve got containers on your site, you’ve likely heard of the container sandbox vulnerabilities.

If not, the most recent news stories suggest you’re in for some trouble.

So, how do you know which containers on a site are vulnerable?

We put together this list of the most common container vulnerabilities and then drill down to explain which ones you might want to avoid.

We’re going to break down the container vulnerabilities into a list of five categories: vulnerabilities that affect a specific feature, vulnerabilities that impact the entire platform, vulnerabilities affecting one container at a time, vulnerabilities targeting a specific vulnerability, and vulnerabilities affecting containers in different locations.

There are a lot of container vulnerabilities that we’ve covered over the years, so if you’re looking for a specific container vulnerability, check out our Container Security 101.


Container Vulnerabilities Affecting a Specific Feature: These are the kinds of container vulnerability we usually talk about when we talk about the vulnerability in containers on the Internet.

The problem is that most of them affect a single feature, like the ability for users to create a new application or upload an image.

If your container security is good, these vulnerabilities don’t matter, because users will create applications and images that will run on your platform.

In fact, some of these vulnerabilities will even be exploitable by attackers.

This means that if you use containers on any platform, you should be aware of them and take the necessary steps to protect your site from them.

There is also a good chance that a container vulnerability will affect a feature that isn’t a container feature, such as file uploads or upload capabilities.

These kinds of vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to get into your site without being able to see or upload data.

In addition, a container security issue could affect the entire application.

The container security issues that you can avoid in your site can vary depending on how your site is built.

The most common containers on most sites are: Docker containers for the development and production environments

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