Trend Micro is rolling out security assessment methodology to better understand the security challenges facing security-critical businesses.

The new methodology will help companies assess the risk of security threats, build security resilience and identify areas that need attention.

“The Threat Model tool is the first tool that enables organizations to get a comprehensive picture of how threats are changing over time and to develop and deliver solutions that protect their organizations’ security,” said Trend Micro vice president of corporate and research strategy and development, Rob Ewing.

“This tool helps organizations better understand their security threats by comparing their threats with the threat model, which is a framework that describes how they might be affected by the same threats in the future.”

Trend Micro will also provide a security assessment and vulnerability management strategy for each of its core security product offerings.

The security assessment tool will help businesses determine which features and capabilities are critical to protecting their organizations.

The strategy will provide security team leaders with an insight into how best to address the problem, the timeline for achieving those objectives, and the steps needed to achieve the desired outcome.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to provide this tool to customers in the first wave of customers that have joined the Trend Micro Security Accelerator Program,” said Ewing, adding that the tool will be integrated into the company’s new Threat Management Tool Suite.

“The tool will give teams the ability to analyze security risks that could affect their business and identify the areas where they should take steps to protect their business.

The tool will allow customers to better assess the risks they face and identify what steps they should be taking to mitigate them.”

Trend Mgmt has more than 500 employees across 14 labs across six continents and is a leading security software provider.

Trend Mgmgt has more recently joined Trend Micro as the lead of its new Threat Model methodology.

The company is developing the tool with the help of the Threat Assessment Team (TAG), a group of leading security researchers and industry experts.

The TAG has a diverse set of security experts, including security and risk intelligence professionals, analysts and business risk specialists.

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