How to find the most vulnerable websites

Vulnerable websites are the sites you want to avoid.They could contain malware, spyware, malware code, or malicious software that could be used to harm you.Vulnerabilities are usually found on the vulnerable websites.There are a few things you can do to protect yourself: Use an anti-virus or security software to scan for and block malware.Use a […]

Google, Twitter, and Amazon are in a race to win zero day vulnerabilities

Vulnerable websites can be scanned with a tool called the Zero Day Scanner, a tool created by security researchers at Google and the New York Times.This week, Google and Twitter revealed they’re also scanning all websites for zero day exploits, vulnerabilities, and exploits.Google says its scanning is available to anyone, with the caveat that only […]

How to exploit vulnerable websites

As more and more websites are being hacked and compromised, cyber criminals are taking advantage of the vulnerability on vulnerable websites to exploit it.Here’s how to protect yourself against these attacks. How to protect your data from cyberattacks.Cyber criminals are exploiting vulnerabilities in vulnerable websites that allow them to steal sensitive data from the machines running […]

Why are websites vulnerable to malicious code attacks?

We’ve seen plenty of reports about websites becoming compromised or vulnerable to attacks.But what happens if you’re not only a victim of a malicious attack, but also someone who has access to your data?This week, we spoke with David L. Lidz, senior security researcher at Symantec, who has been tracking and reporting on online attacks […]

How to Protect Yourself From Internet Vulnerabilities

In a recent post, a member of the Anonymous collective posted on his blog that “the internet is not the playground of criminals and terrorists but the playground for the 99%”.The post, which has since been removed, claimed that the internet is the most vulnerable space in the world and highlighted how it was “not […]

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