Which of the four most vulnerable groups is the most vulnerable?

In a wide-ranging interview, Marvin Gaye revealed he had been diagnosed with severe PTSD after a childhood attack by the same group he was with when he was a child.Gaye said his PTSD and depression and anxiety had worsened over the years.He had also had to cope with a lack of confidence and depression after […]

How to fix a vulnerability in leadership: How to avoid a vulnerability

The vulnerabilities in the leadership and leadership skills of the leaders of a country can be used to undermine the national interest.The authors of the report, from the Institute for Governance and Public Policy, say that leadership weaknesses in the country are “the biggest challenge to the national security interests of the United States.”The report […]

Cisco ASA vulnerability in relationship vulnerability in SAP

Cisco asa has been known for its vulnerability in relational database, especially when it comes to encryption, and has now been identified in a vulnerability in its SAP service.The vulnerability was discovered in SAPs own API, and is believed to be exploitable via a SQL injection.The SAP vulnerability was first disclosed in October of last […]

How the NHL will protect its players from the impact of a buffer overflow vulnerability in relations

NHL players, coaches, officials and other hockey personnel are already facing an increased risk of exposure after the release of a video last week that showed a team trainer being punched during a heated confrontation.In the clip, the trainer is seen grabbing an opponent’s arm and attempting to drag him away from a teammate who […]

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