Which websites were affected by the buffer overflow vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader?

On Wednesday, the Adobe Reader security team said it had fixed the buffer overflows in the latest version of the popular software.The vulnerabilities could allow attackers to gain unauthorized access to the websites users have visited, and they also affect users of the Adobe Flash Player and its plug-ins, the company said.The vulnerability affects the […]

Which browser vulnerabilities are exploitable on Google Chrome?

RTE security researcher Richard Tarnas recently discovered a vulnerability in Google Chrome that allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code on the target computer, bypass security controls, and execute malicious files.RTE says that the vulnerability, CVE-2016-3896, was discovered in the Google Chrome teamviewer web browser extension, which was included in version 37.0.2313.17 of the browser.Rte […]

How to Protect Yourself from Exploit Vulnerabilities

In October, security researchers discovered a new, maliciously-named exploit in the browser and Android apps of the popular mobile game “The Last of Us.”This vulnerability has been dubbed “Zoom Security.”Exploits like this are common in the world of mobile security.However, the developers of “The Good Life” didn’t know they were in a game of chicken.They […]

When you pay for things, you can be vulnerable to exploit vulnerabilities,Microsoft researchers say

Microsoft researchers have found that an exploit vulnerability in Microsoft Office software can be exploited to compromise your computer.The vulnerability, which has been known about for months, affects Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, Microsoft said in a blog post Monday.The Microsoft researchers also found a similar vulnerability in Adobe Flash, Adobe’s popular open source software, […]

How to exploit vulnerable websites

As more and more websites are being hacked and compromised, cyber criminals are taking advantage of the vulnerability on vulnerable websites to exploit it.Here’s how to protect yourself against these attacks. How to protect your data from cyberattacks.Cyber criminals are exploiting vulnerabilities in vulnerable websites that allow them to steal sensitive data from the machines running […]

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