How to protect yourself from financial vulnerabilities

The world’s most vulnerable organizations are vulnerable to a new cyberattack, according to a report from a cybersecurity company that focuses on protecting corporate networks.The vulnerability comes at a time when cybercriminals are increasingly targeting the banking and financial sectors.Axios’ analysis of publicly available data found that nearly half of the companies in the US, […]

When a cyberattack takes down a company’s infrastructure, you need to know how to defend against it

Posted October 04, 2020 06:25:16A cyberattack against a company or an organisation can be devastating.When a hacker has gained control of a company system or an IT network, they can use their ability to compromise an organisation’s information to steal confidential information.But what should you do if your company or organisation is targeted?According to a […]

How to get ready for economic vulnerability testing: How to prepare

Vulnerability testing is a form of financial literacy, with the aim of finding vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities-related problems.It can be used to identify the root causes of issues such as ransomware, or even identify how to fix them.Vulnerability testing can also be used as a way to identify potential risks before they become a serious issue, […]

How to use Kali Security Vulnerability Scanner to identify a critical vulnerability in your organization

By using Kali Security, you can use the Security Vulnerabilities Scanner tool to discover a critical security vulnerability in an organization. You can perform this scan by entering the following information: What version of Kali Security do you have? What is the version of the Kali Security that you use? Where is Kali Security installed? How long has Kali Security […]

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