NSA’s cyberspace strategy relies on the same outdated technology that it was building for the war in Afghanistan, writes Chris Woods

Google’s strategy for cyberspaces relies heavily on legacy technologies, from the same flawed, insecure architectures that were designed to defeat the Afghan war.This article was originally published on the Guardian website.The story has been updated to reflect Google’s response.

Which websites were affected by the buffer overflow vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader?

On Wednesday, the Adobe Reader security team said it had fixed the buffer overflows in the latest version of the popular software.The vulnerabilities could allow attackers to gain unauthorized access to the websites users have visited, and they also affect users of the Adobe Flash Player and its plug-ins, the company said.The vulnerability affects the […]

Google Chrome security vulnerability could allow remote attackers to gain control of infected machines

Google Chrome has a vulnerability that could allow a remote attacker to gain root access to infected machines, a security researcher said in a blog post Tuesday.The researcher said a “reverse-engineered” exploit could be exploited to remotely take control of affected machines by leveraging a security vulnerability in Chrome that allows remote attackers the ability […]

How the NHL will protect its players from the impact of a buffer overflow vulnerability in relations

NHL players, coaches, officials and other hockey personnel are already facing an increased risk of exposure after the release of a video last week that showed a team trainer being punched during a heated confrontation.In the clip, the trainer is seen grabbing an opponent’s arm and attempting to drag him away from a teammate who […]

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