‘F5 Vulnerability’: Cybercriminals Are Making Their F5 Vulnerabilities Publicly Available, It’s Been Exposed

The word vulnerability has become a buzzword in the cybersecurity industry, but what exactly does it mean?The word vulnerability comes from the Latin word meaning “vulnerability” or “disease” or a threat to a system or object.Vulnerability is a term used to describe an act or an occurrence that could be exploited or exploited by a […]

Vulnerability in Leadership Could Put You at Risk

Vulnerability vulnerabilities in leadership could put you at risk, according to a new study by a leading medical research institute.Researchers from the University of Melbourne said the findings could lead to the development of new strategies to manage and prevent workplace exposures to vulnerabilities in the leadership.“Leadership is a critical component in many organisations, but […]

When you pay for things, you can be vulnerable to exploit vulnerabilities,Microsoft researchers say

Microsoft researchers have found that an exploit vulnerability in Microsoft Office software can be exploited to compromise your computer.The vulnerability, which has been known about for months, affects Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, Microsoft said in a blog post Monday.The Microsoft researchers also found a similar vulnerability in Adobe Flash, Adobe’s popular open source software, […]

Cisco ASA vulnerability in relationship vulnerability in SAP

Cisco asa has been known for its vulnerability in relational database, especially when it comes to encryption, and has now been identified in a vulnerability in its SAP service.The vulnerability was discovered in SAPs own API, and is believed to be exploitable via a SQL injection.The SAP vulnerability was first disclosed in October of last […]

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