title Security research company Security research firm Security Research found a security vulnerability in a WordPress theme that could allow hackers to steal passwords on a website.

The vulnerability is similar to one found in other WordPress themes that could lead to a similar attack, according to the firm.

The company said that it was able to identify the exploit because it’s similar to an exploit found in the popular .htaccess file-sharing website.

In other words, a malicious user could steal your password if they know your username and password.

Security researchers have since patched the vulnerability.

WordPress security team has not yet released any patches to fix the vulnerability, but the company said it was working on an update for the theme.

Security researchers said the vulnerability was fixed in a previous security update, but it wasn’t immediately clear when the update would be released.

WordCamp security analyst David Lutman told Business Insider that the vulnerability is “likely to be exploitable on a large scale” if WordPress developers don’t patch it sooner.

Lutman said the security issue is a “serious” security vulnerability and that the only way to prevent it is to disable automatic password recovery in WordPress.

He added that WordPress security teams could also use tools like the OWASP Top 10 to identify and patch the vulnerability before it becomes a real issue.

WordPress security teams have not yet posted any patch.

Security researcher Jonathan Maunder said he’s not surprised that WordPress developers are reluctant to patch the WordPress theme vulnerability.

He said that if WordPress is used for everyday tasks, the theme could be used to access sensitive data, such as passwords.

The problem with this vulnerability, Maunder added, is that it’s possible to compromise a WordPress user’s login credentials if they aren’t careful.

“It’s not a big issue for people who are very sensitive,” Maunder told Business Insights.

“If someone was a very paranoid person, they would probably not use WordPress.”

The vulnerability was reported to WordPress by Security Research on Tuesday.

Security Researchers said they discovered the exploit using the vulnerability scanner tool OWASEP Top 10.

Security research group Security Research said in a blog post that it is “aware of the vulnerability and actively working on a fix.”

The company added that it has been in contact with WordPress developers and is working on patches.

Security research company Cybersecurity Inc. said in an advisory that the WordPress vulnerability is a serious security issue.

The vulnerability is located in the .htpasswd file-uploading website, according the advisory.

WordSecurity vulnerability scanners, which scan a website for vulnerabilities, usually report an issue.

Security Research said it has also found the exploit in a popular file-transfer application, but Cybersecurity said that the exploit was not exploited in that program.

Word Security has also patched the security vulnerability, according a blogpost.

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