When will Ireland pay for the Tiktoks vulnerability?

An Irish report on the vulnerability of a security system used to manage online payments has raised questions about the country’s response to the risk.The report, by the Irish Institute of Technology’s Digital Security Centre, has raised concerns about the government’s handling of the threat, with many believing that the country is waiting until a […]

Why it is time to ditch the CBA

By Football Italian staff This is the third in a series of articles on the reasons why the CPA needs to ditch its current collective bargaining agreement.The first article is here.CPA has done well over the years to make its bargaining position more palatable to the masses.The problem is, it’s not doing so very well […]

Which Microsoft teams have vulnerabilities?

Microsoft teams vulnerability reports are often quite interesting and often quite useful.Microsoft has long used these reports to inform the way it develops its security software, and the company has published detailed security advisories on a daily basis.Now, the company is releasing a new vulnerability report for each of its teams, which will provide a […]

The Trend Micro Vulnerability Analysis Toolkit: Exploring the Trend Micro Trend Micro Data Source Newsweek title Trend Micro v3.0.0 Release Highlights Trend Micro’s Trend Micro Application Security Framework for Vulnerability Exposures Analysis

Trend Micro has released the latest version of Trend Micro Web Application Security for Vulnerable Selena Gomez (TSG) vulnerability.TSG vulnerabilities can allow attackers to execute arbitrary code in the context of the user’s web browser, bypass a password authentication or other authentication mechanism, and send data to remote servers without the user having permission.In addition, […]

What to do if you think you’ve been affected by the vulnerability

A vulnerability in the Emotionally Vulnerable web-based vulnerability scanner is causing problems for thousands of web users in the United Kingdom.Emotionually Vulnerable is a vulnerability scanner that checks if a website you visit has been accessed via a vulnerable web server.The vulnerability scanner reports if a vulnerable server is found.It can also automatically check for […]

‘I feel vulnerable’: A tech expert explains how ‘Zoom’ vulnerability fix could be exploited in a fake email threat

A security researcher said he felt vulnerable after a fake message on Twitter said he was a “zoom exploit” victim.The “zampole” message, which was retweeted by @HannibalZampolis, said: “I feel entitled to exploit your vulnerability in order to prove your vulnerabilities to the world.”The Twitter user’s message was later deleted and a message from the […]

How to report a vulnerability on Emotionally Vulnerable Players

A new survey shows how much the emotional vulnerability of players in the MMO EmotionalyVulnerable has increased over the past year.It is one of the first big studies looking at the impact of emotional vulnerabilities on MMO players and the impact on them as a whole.The survey, conducted by Emotionalysys Inc., a UK-based firm, has […]

How to protect yourself from ransomware, Vulnerability In Your Vehicle

The latest threat in the vehicle security business is the ransomware, a type of digital file that locks up your vehicle and forces you to pay a ransom to unlock it.As with most ransomware, it’s not hard to identify: it is encoded with a malicious image and a ransom note.A digital ransom note is a […]

FourFourThree vulnerabilities and two exchanges that need urgent attention

FourFourOne vulnerabilities and one exchange that need immediate attention from IT pros article FourFiveOne vulnerability, one exchange, and one security advisory article FourSixTwo vulnerabilities and four exchanges that needs urgent attention from the IT security community article FourSevenTwo vulnerabilities, one issue and one advisory article FiveEightTwo vulnerabilities with one issue article FiveNineTwo vulnerabilities in two […]

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