A new vulnerability scan has found a possible method of spying on iOS applications, according to security researchers.

The vulnerability discovered by security firm FireEye was discovered by researchers at Geeksplain.

The company discovered the vulnerability when an app that allows the user to control multiple cameras was installed on an iPhone running iOS 7.4.1.

FireEye found the vulnerability in the Camera module in the iOS Camera framework.

This allows an attacker to capture screenshots and videos of the user’s iOS device without their knowledge.

The FireEye researchers have identified a way to install multiple cameras on the same device.

In the example below, the attacker can attach two cameras to the same iPhone.

The camera modules for iOS Camera are the same as those for CameraKit in the Android Camera framework, but the implementation is different.

Instead of a single camera, iOS Camera provides a number of cameras that can be installed as a group, which allows for greater flexibility.

Geeksplain said that the vulnerability is present in the camera module used by CameraKit.

In other words, it allows an iOS device to be remotely controlled from within the iOS camera app.

The researcher who discovered the problem said that there are many ways that the app could be configured to capture multiple images of the same user.

Gates said that Apple’s App Store is currently looking into the issue, and that Apple has issued an advisory to all developers and app users that they should not use this module.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Apple has released a fix for the vulnerability, which has been shared with developers.

The fix can be downloaded from the Apple Developer site.

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