New cyberattacks: Cybersecurity experts warn about ‘frightening’ cyberattack

A new cyberattack by Russia that targets the US government could leave the country’s government vulnerable to a sophisticated attack.

The attacks, which originated in Russia and are believed to have been launched in early April, are thought to have breached at least two dozen US government sites, including those of the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department.

The new attack comes just days after Russia’s president Vladimir Putin vowed to use the “full force of our power” to prevent US retaliation.

The US State Department, the White House and the FBI declined to comment.

“I’m a very, very strong supporter of free speech,” said Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

“But the fact is that this administration is not going to stand up for the rights of Americans to speak out and to organize in their own communities.

We’re going to see the full force of the US Government and our military on Russia.”

The White House, which did not respond to a request for comment, said on Thursday that President Donald Trump would meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on April 27.

Russian state media has been publishing articles that claim the White Star Line plane was shot down by an American plane and said that a Russian spy satellite had been detected in orbit.

But Trump’s campaign said it had no evidence that Russia was behind the shooting down.

“This was a very carefully planned and orchestrated, very well-planned and coordinated operation by the Russians to try to get us to attack one of our own planes,” Trump said during an interview with Fox News Channel on Thursday.

“It was a pretty sophisticated operation.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said during a visit to Washington that Moscow had conducted an “open investigation” of the shooting of the plane.

He also said he and Russian President Vladmir Putin had discussed the possibility of launching a “counter-offensive” against the United States, but did not offer specifics.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Karlov said on Friday that Moscow believed the attack was launched by a group of people who have no intention of stopping it.

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