A mother who is allegedly infected with a rare form of coronavirus has been placed in isolation in Beddington after a nurse reported her to police.

The mother, whose name has not been released, was diagnosed with coronaviruses B and C in November, according to Queensland Police.

Police confirmed on Thursday the mother was placed in a 24-hour isolation room, which is not normally used for people who have tested positive for coronavirs.

“The mother is not at risk of contracting any other types of coronivirus, and is being placed in an isolation room for 24 hours while the tests are conducted,” police said in a statement.

“(She) is being monitored closely by the Queensland Health Department.”

Police did not confirm if the mother is also infected with the strain of coronasm that causes the illness.

Queensland Police said the mother, who has not yet tested positive, has not made contact with anyone.

A nurse at the hospital said the woman had not had any contact with her child for three days.

“[She] is in a high-risk environment for the potential for infection,” she said.

Beddington police confirmed that the mother had been placed under observation and was being closely monitored.

(Supplied) Police said the isolation room is not a quarantine and that she is expected to be released within three days if the virus is detected.

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