Selena is a vulnerable population of elderly people.

Her sister, who died of a heart attack a few weeks ago, was also a vulnerable person.

The two women lived in different homes.

“It’s a horrible thing,” Gomez, 32, told me this week.

“But they are like me.

We have to get through it.”

Gomez was in the Los Angeles area for the film festival premiere of her upcoming movie, the documentary Selena’s Sister, about her sister, a survivor of a severe illness.

“I think Selena feels like her sister’s story is in danger because people are taking advantage of her,” Gomez said.

“She is a strong woman who just has a hard time saying no.

She was very young when she got diagnosed, so she is just the type of person who is so self-aware and so selfless and doesn’t let others take advantage of the kindness that she has.”

She also has the distinction of having the most people in the world who are older than her.

In the documentary, Gomez, who is 65, talked about how her sister was the oldest person she ever knew, and that she knew she wasn’t going to be able to do much for her as a child because of the physical limitations she faced in life.

Gomez said she doesn’t blame the elderly for their own problems.

“They have the best life, but it’s not a good life,” Gomez told me.

“You can’t change it.”

The Selena story is one of the most heartbreaking stories in the history of medicine, and Gomez has been a pioneer in the fight for the elderly and vulnerable.

She helped lead the first Alzheimer’s care group in the United States, and she’s also been the target of a number of public campaigns to increase access to advanced dementia care.

But Gomez is also a survivor.

“As a survivor, you don’t have the opportunity to really grow up,” she said.

She’s currently raising money to pay for her sister to take care of her, but her sister has been in the hospital for a few days and her mother has been having a hard go of it as well.

“That’s what’s so scary about it,” Gomez continued.

“The way she’s treated her is what really scares me.”

In a statement, Gomez’s mother, Denise Gomez, said her daughter “is very grateful to be here today and look forward to a long and productive recovery.”

She said her family is looking forward to being able to be with her again.

Gomez is in Los Angeles this week to promote the documentary with the support of a wide range of charities and groups, including the Los Angels Angels, the California Nurses Association, and the National Alliance of Social Workers.

She has also been speaking out against the recent rise of the so-called “super geriatric” community, which focuses on providing a wider range of care for older people.

“When it comes to older people, you have to recognize that they are not people,” Gomez explained.

“There is no such thing as super geriatric care.

They are not humans.

They have very different needs.”

I met Gomez at a dinner party hosted by the Alzheimer’s Association of California.

The dinner was attended by a wide variety of senior citizens, including her grandmother and grandmother’s friends.

She spoke about her experiences as a survivor and her desire to fight for greater access to dementia care for people who have been living on their own.

“If I was to say to my grandmother, ‘Hey, I’m 65, I have dementia, I can’t live on my own,'” Gomez said, “she would probably say, ‘I can’t take care.'”

She added, “If you are going to help a person who needs it, you’re going to take the time to really understand that person and what they’re going through.”

She has been working with several organizations and individuals to raise money for her brother’s care.

“What I’ve learned over the years is that if you’re a survivor in a very vulnerable position, it’s so much easier to just tell your story and not try to do anything about it, because it’s such a vulnerable situation,” Gomez recalled.

“So what we’ve been trying to do is, if you can, just let us know.

If you’re still interested in working on it, tell us.

If we can’t get that money to the person, let us get you some money.”

The Hollywood Reporter recently spoke to Gomez’s manager, Matt Zweifel, about the challenges Gomez is facing as a victim of a social media-driven epidemic.

“This is one thing that we’re seeing more and more people fighting for,” Zweiffel told the reporter.

“Selena is the only survivor in this story who is doing the work.

She is fighting for herself.”

The problem

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