6th September 2020 – A third of the world’s population will suffer from a human vulnerability in 2026. 

This is according to a report released on Wednesday by the Global Vulnerability Tracker (GVT), an online tool which allows anyone to check the vulnerability of any software product.

The report by the UK-based research group said there are over 9 million people worldwide that have at least one of these vulnerabilities and more than 20,000 have the second most.GVT’s research group, based at the University of Cambridge, said that there are about 70 vulnerabilities worldwide and there are a total of 10 million vulnerabilities worldwide.GDT found that nearly 80% of vulnerabilities have already been fixed.

“We are seeing a trend of software vulnerabilities being patched in the last few years, but the trend is accelerating as a result of the rapid growth in the number of devices,” said Dr Andrew Smith, senior software engineer at GDT.

The GVT research group also said that over 10 million people have at most one of the vulnerabilities listed on the website, which means there is a risk that this will be the case in many countries, especially in developing countries.

It also found that the global average vulnerability rate is 0.6%, which means about 10,000 people are at risk of being attacked every day.GOTV’s findings are the result of analysing all the known and potentially exploitable vulnerabilities of all the software products that are available for use in 2018.

These include mobile phone apps, email and webmail, games consoles, and mobile gaming systems.

There are also the “invisible vulnerabilities” which only show up in the OS itself.

For example, there are more than 2,000 known bugs in Windows, which could allow an attacker to compromise a device, and there were more than 8,000 flaws in the Linux operating system.

The Global Vulnerabilities Database lists some of the most common vulnerabilities in the world.

The most common vulnerability found on the site is a denial of service vulnerability in the HTTP request handling code, which can cause a denial-of-service attack.

“The average vulnerability found is a vulnerability that is a simple denial of services attack where the attacker uses a small amount of resources to overwhelm the server by exploiting one or more vulnerabilities,” Smith said.

“When an attack is done, the attacker can get control of the server or the application, possibly compromising data, and then using the attack to execute arbitrary code on the target system.”

The GDT also found the most widespread vulnerability in 2018 is an “exploitable memory corruption vulnerability” which could be exploited to perform memory corruption.GFTV is a partnership between the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and the Global Centre for Internet Security (GCIS) which is responsible for the global Internet.

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