Microsoft Teams is the premier vulnerability management platform for managing and tracking vulnerability impacts in your teams.

To get started, see the steps below.

To learn more about the Microsoft teams vulnerability management service, click here.


Enable the Microsoft Team Security app in the Teams app.

Click “Add” to add the Microsoft Security app to the list of apps in the Microsoft apps.


Click the “Start” button to open the Microsoft team security app.


Click on “View” in the top-right corner of the screen to view the list.

You’ll see an overlay of the app and your team members.

Click any of the icons to add or remove a person from the list, and you’ll see a “Manage” button that shows you the most recently added person.


Once you add a person to the team, you can add them to a list of your team’s security vulnerabilities.

You can then delete a person, or delete the list from the app.

If you remove a list, the app will show you the list in the app drawer.

You won’t be able to delete the app in your app drawer, so make sure to use this option when creating or editing your team.

You may also want to check out this guide on how to manage your team using the Microsoft app.


Once a list is created, click the “Managing” button in the upper right-hand corner of your Teams app to add it to the app’s list of security vulnerabilities that you manage.


Once the list is added to the Teams list, you’ll need to add a team member to the group so the team can view the vulnerabilities on the list or delete them.

To add a new team member, click “Add a team” in your Teams list.


Select the team members you’d like to add from the drop-down menu.

In the “Add to Team” window, enter a name and description for the new member.

Then click “OK.”


Click and hold on the name of the member to make it visible.

If the name is different than the person’s profile photo, the name should be the same name that the person is currently using on Microsoft Teams.


Click OK to save the new team name, description, and password.


Click in the “Edit” menu to add new members to your team by adding them to the “Added” or “Deleted” lists.


Click at the top of the list to open your team security settings.

The list of all available team members will appear.

If a team has more than one person with the same profile photo or name, the list will show them by default.


Click a member to view their profile.

To view the profile of a team members, you may click the profile photo in the bottom-right hand corner of their Teams app or the name in the left-hand pane of their profile, whichever is appropriate.

To change the profile or name of a person on a team, click in the member’s name in either the list view or the app view.

For more information about how to edit your team member profile, see this page.


To delete a member from a list or remove an existing team member from the Teams lists, click on the “Delete Team” button.


When the team member is removed from a team list, their profile will appear in the list’s bottom-left corner.

You will also see a list view of the team’s vulnerability vulnerabilities.

To manage this list, click Add and edit a person’s vulnerabilities.


To create or edit a new list, choose the appropriate person, then click the Add button.

To select a list item, you should see a new checkbox next to it.

Click it to add this item to the current list.

To edit a list items, click Tools to edit.


If all of the checkboxes are checked, the new list will appear on the app list.

Click Close to close the app, and the team list will be closed.

To remove a team from a lists, right-click the list item and select Remove.

To review a list that’s been closed, click Show Details in the menu bar to open a list with the list you want to review.


To see the list history, right click a list and select History in the navigation pane.


To close the list list, close the browser, and then reopen the app window.

If your app has no notifications, the team app will be inaccessible until your team app updates, and a new notification will appear, showing the new information you’ve added to your app.


If an app update is required to access the team apps, click Cancel to close your app, then close the team window.

The team app is closed and you can no longer add or delete a team. 20.

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