How to find out if your Senator is vulnerable by looking at his or her DNA profile.

Read moreAbout the authorA senior Liberal Party source said that a senator with a low probability of genetic vulnerability was “a bit of a red flag” in terms of the need for action.

The source said the issue was “quite widespread” among the senators who were running for the party.

“The Senator with a lower chance of genetic susceptibility is generally the one with a reputation as a moderate, conservative and a strong supporter of the country’s traditional values,” the source said.

“If the Senator has a more conservative or liberal agenda it may be a bit more likely for him or her to vote for the Government’s policies.”

How to identify a senator vulnerable to a genetic vulnerabilityRead moreIn this case, the source believed the Senator had a low chance of being exposed to a gene that would make him or herself susceptible to a disease, as a result of his or herself being raised in a Catholic or Anglican family.

“There is a lot of research into how people react to these diseases, and it is very difficult to say what those people will react to in terms to their attitudes to other people,” the Liberal source said, referring to the genetic vulnerabilities of some of the Senate’s leading politicians.

“So it’s hard to say how a Senator might react to a particular disease.”

But if he or she has a lower likelihood of being vulnerable, then that would suggest that he or her is probably more likely to support or to support the Government and the policies that it supports.”‘

We can’t afford to be complacent’It’s not just the issue of Senator Broughton, however.”

Senator Broughts’ risk may be low enough to be seen as a “red flag” if it’s raised, said the source.

“However, the problem is that he may not be the only one,” the senior Liberal source added.

The source also noted that other senators, such as Senator Scott Ludlam and Senator Cory Bernardi, could also be susceptible.””

There’s a lot more work to do.”

The source also noted that other senators, such as Senator Scott Ludlam and Senator Cory Bernardi, could also be susceptible.

“As for Senator Ludlam, the risk is low enough that he’s not going to be too concerned,” the Senior Liberal source suggested.

“He’s a well-liked senator in his own right and he’s a moderate on social issues.

He’s not an ideal candidate, but he’s got a lot to offer.”

The senator with the lowest chance of vulnerability has not been identified by the ABC and is not part of the official Liberal party list of vulnerable senators.

The senator was referred to the ABC for comment, but did not respond.

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