A new shellshock threat has been identified by researchers at the University of Toronto, and it can be exploited remotely, they have discovered. 

Shellshock is an open-source vulnerability that has been around since at least 2009.

It allows attackers to remotely execute arbitrary code on vulnerable systems by leveraging the vulnerability of the shellcode execution engine in the browser’s JavaScript engine, which makes it easier for them to manipulate data on the victim’s system.

The researchers say this vulnerability is likely to be used to remotely exploit Shellshock.

Shellshock is one of several shellcode vulnerabilities in popular browsers, which are used in some enterprise web applications and web applications used by individuals to perform shellcode and shellcode injection attacks. 

For example, the vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player (ADP) allow attackers to run arbitrary code with the intent to gain access to an affected system.

ShellShock is a vulnerability in Adobe JavaScript that is used to inject JavaScript code on affected systems. 

It is also a vulnerability which is present in Adobe Java, a popular open- source Java application programming interface (API) for developing web applications, such as web browsers. 

Researchers at the university say the vulnerability is not new and was previously discovered in 2010.

“We discovered the vulnerability in 2011 and used the findings to build our first vulnerability report,” said J.C. Lattin, a PhD student at the department of computer science at the school.

“Since then, we have been working on additional vulnerabilities and have found additional exploits to further exploit this vulnerability.” 

“Shellshock has been used in attacks by criminals as far back as 2009,” said Latten.

“A number of organizations have been targeted by the exploit, which was also used in a major cyber attack in 2013.”

Latten and his colleagues discovered Shellshock through a research collaboration with the University and the University’s Cyber Security Centre, which is a consortium of universities, universities and colleges across Canada. 

“The vulnerability is present even when the web server that hosts the web browser is offline and not running any special security software,” said James Smith, a research scientist at the Cyber Security Department at the Department of Computer Science at the School of Information Systems.

“The vulnerability was patched in 2016, but many organizations are still vulnerable.”

The researchers have also discovered another vulnerability that allows attackers from a remote location to remotely attack the affected system, allowing them to perform a variety of attacks.

“We have found two additional exploits that can be used by an attacker to exploit this vulnerable vulnerability,” said Smith.

“These exploits can be launched via the web interface or the browser.” 

In an email to Computerworld, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that Microsoft is aware of the vulnerability, but it has not been reported to Microsoft for exploitation. 

Microsoft has made the following security updates available for the affected platforms: Windows 10.

Windows Server 2016.

Windows 10.5.6. 

Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, and Windows Server 2008 R2. 

Affected versions of the affected browsers are Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Edge on Windows 8.1, and Microsoft Edge for Mac. 

To find out more about Shellshock and other open-sourced vulnerabilities, visit: http://www.susanmackay.ca/shellshock.html This article is part of Computerworld’s special issue on vulnerabilities.

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