By David R. Smith The term emotional vulnerability is a term which describes a state of heightened vulnerability, and has been used to describe a person’s state of being vulnerable, as well as a person who suffers from emotional distress.

The term is commonly used in the legal sphere, where it is used to define people who are suffering from emotional harm, but it has also been used in academia and public health to describe people who suffer from emotional health issues, which are generally related to emotional health and functioning.

A person’s emotional health is often defined as the quality of a person being able to express their feelings, and this is often compared to their cognitive abilities.

In the case of emotional distress, this means the extent to which the person can identify and express emotions in a way that is meaningful, useful and positive. 

According to Sara L. Jones, Ph.

D., author of The Emotional Health Handbook: Emotionally Vulnerable People and How to Protect Them, a person is emotionally vulnerable if their ability to function in their daily lives is impaired. 

In other words, emotional health can be a cause of physical or mental health problems. 

Emotional health can also be a source of emotional abuse, but this is the least common form of emotional disturbance in the population. 

Jones says, “The more you know about emotional health, the more you can identify people at risk for emotional health problems.” 

Emotionally healthy people are those who are able to cope with emotions in their everyday lives without experiencing significant emotional distress or other symptoms of emotional dysfunction. 

A person with emotional health may also be able to maintain their mental health through social and occupational activities. 

“Many of us are socially awkward, emotionally immature and at risk of being a victim of abuse,” Jones explains. 

She says that many people have experienced a period of intense emotional distress due to their family and friends suffering from emotional disorders or mental illnesses. 

It is important to note that there is no cure for emotional vulnerability. 

But Jones says that people with emotional vulnerability are not automatically at greater risk for mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. 

When someone suffers from a psychological or emotional disorder, the chances are higher that they may experience significant distress in their lives.

“It is extremely important to understand that emotional vulnerability does not mean that you have an emotional disorder or are incapable of being happy.

Rather, emotional vulnerability can be the result of having experienced a number of stressors in your life, or may be due to emotional problems related to your family, friends or work environment,” Jones says. 

Many people with a variety of mental health conditions have some form of mental illness or addiction issues, which can be particularly distressing and upsetting for them. 

For example, some people who have substance use problems or a history of mental distress may be at higher risk of experiencing negative emotions due to an emotional disturbance. 

 “These symptoms may manifest themselves in a variety and sometimes contradictory ways, depending on the circumstances of the distress and the nature of the person’s mental health or physical health problems,” Karen C. Jones-Hodge, Ph, co-author of Emotions: A Primer on the Body, Mind and Soul says.

“Emotional stress and emotional distress are both related to the underlying conditions of your mental health and your physical health.”

Jones says that while a person may not be experiencing emotional distress themselves, the person with an emotional health disorder is likely to have experienced an emotional distress in the past. 

This may include feeling anxious, stressed, tired or angry, or having a general lack of confidence or self-esteem. 

To find out more about emotional vulnerability, Jones suggests reading up on the symptoms and symptoms of psychiatric disorders, particularly the DSM-IV (American Psychiatric Association) criteria for depression, or seeking professional help. 

Also avoid the following: Living alone, working from home, living in an apartment or a house without a home, staying in a small room with a limited amount of space, and not taking responsibility for your emotional health Emoticon, the official website of the Emotional Wellbeing Institute, also offers information on emotional vulnerability and mental health. 

The Emptiness Index is an online resource that provides a snapshot of your emotional state and provides a tool for identifying people at greater emotional risk for experiencing emotional disorders. 

More about emotional vulnerability: Empathy, compassion and caring Emoticons are a popular expression of emotional state in the Western world. 

They can be a symbol of warmth and a way to express love. 

These emojis were created by Katie Lippert, an artist, to celebrate her love for her boyfriend,

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