The ABC has uncovered a vulnerability that could allow attackers to remotely compromise an employee’s device using a specially crafted email message.

Key points:The vulnerability allows attackers to compromise an affected device by sending an email message that has a specially-crafted payload The vulnerability can be exploited remotely to access employee dataThe email message can then be exploited to obtain access to the affected employee’s personal informationThe email could also be used to download malware, spyware and other malicious softwareThe vulnerability is due to a bug in Adobe Flash Player which has been patched in the last weekThe vulnerability affects all versions of Adobe Flash, including the latest version 9.0 and older.

It is unclear if this vulnerability affects users of Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS, or Android.

The ABC understands a specially constructed email message has been sent to a person using Adobe Flash in an attempt to exploit the flaw.

The message was sent to an employee using Adobe’s own software, which allows a person to remotely access an affected computer, including an employee who has been granted restricted access to their personal information.

The employee’s email address and password were not revealed, and the email was sent from a Microsoft account.

The affected employee was unaware that the email message was a vulnerability.

The email was also sent from the email address used to sign up for Adobe’s Flash Player software.

This means that if an attacker sends a specially modified email message, such as one that allows them to remotely control the affected computer and take control of the user’s personal details, they can exploit the vulnerability to gain access to any data stored on the affected device.

This is because Adobe Flash has a “cannot be revoked” feature that allows an email to be revoked after a certain number of days have passed.

The vulnerability can also be exploited through the use of spyware that has been developed by the UK’s Cyber Security Centre.

It’s not clear if the employee’s password was used to log into the compromised computer or if it was sent via the email.

Adobe Flash Player 9.3, 9.4, 9

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