The vulnerabilities in the leadership and leadership skills of the leaders of a country can be used to undermine the national interest.

The authors of the report, from the Institute for Governance and Public Policy, say that leadership weaknesses in the country are “the biggest challenge to the national security interests of the United States.”

The report focuses on the vulnerabilities of leadership in the field of education, the workplace and the health-care sector.

The report says that the weaknesses of leadership can result in a decline in the performance of the country and a failure to achieve desired results.

The study said that in the workplace, the weak leaders can be blamed for the decline in productivity and for reducing the productivity of employees.

The weak leaders also can be responsible for poor communication between managers and workers.

They may not be accountable for the consequences of their actions, said the report.

It says that weaknesses in leadership can be exploited by people, groups and organizations.

The weaknesses of the leadership can have a negative impact on the ability of the nation to achieve its foreign policy goals.

Weak leadership is particularly detrimental to the development of new democracies, said Dr. Paul Hochstein, the report’s author.

The weakness of leadership is also a major concern for a nation that is facing threats of conflict from multiple sides.

Weak leaders often do not have the ability to recognize when they are in a bad situation, said Hochfield.

He said that weakness is a serious problem.

“If you are weak, if you are a weak leader, if your subordinates do not understand you and do not care about what you are saying, then you have no one to tell you what to do,” he said.

“That is the most dangerous thing.”

The weaknesses in governance and leadership can lead to the breakdown of the democratic process, the authors say.

In the United Kingdom, for example, the lack of accountability to the people who make the decisions about the economy and public finances has led to the loss of the confidence of the citizens.

In recent years, leaders in Britain have used their power to change the government through the power of the executive to implement policies that have weakened the independence of the legislative and executive branches.

Hochfeld said that the weakness of the government in Britain has also led to problems in the United Arab Emirates.

“We can see the weakening of the rule of law in the UAE,” he told CNN.

“They do not like the way the government is being run.”

The weakness in leadership is especially detrimental to a nation which is facing a threat of conflict, Hoch­stein said.

In fact, in the Middle East, the countries in which the weakest leadership is most prevalent have been those in which there is a lack of governance.

H. R. McMaster, the national-security adviser, said that if leaders do not take accountability for their actions the country is “at risk of a collapse.”

He said in his statement that “the strength of a strong nation is in the ability for it to govern itself.”

But there is an exception in countries in the middle of a conflict such as Syria.

In those countries, the weakness in governance is seen as the country’s greatest threat.

“The weakness of governance is a key determinant of the likelihood that a nation will engage in the sort of violent actions that can destabilize a region or cause instability in its neighbors,” McMaster said.

The researchers say that weak leadership in a nation’s governance can lead it to not take necessary actions in a time of crisis, such as during a natural disaster.

The weaker leaders also often do nothing about the country when it is under attack, McMaster said in the statement.

“Their failure to take necessary action is seen by their supporters as a failure of leadership,” McMaster wrote.

“As the nation enters an international conflict, weak leadership is seen to have a profound effect on the national morale.”

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