iOS 8.1.1, the latest version of the iOS operating system, is vulnerable to a potentially fatal vulnerability.

It has been reported by a number of people that the vulnerability is present in the Apple mobile operating system version 8.0.1 and 8.2.0, but only if the device has been upgraded to iOS 8 and has an iPhone SE.

There are also reports that the flaw could be exploited via Bluetooth to bypass security protections that block unauthorized wireless communication.

The flaw is the first known iOS 8 security flaw, meaning it could have been used by a third party to bypass the OS’ security controls, according to Apple.

This is a new and emerging threat that we are seeing, said a researcher from the security firm Kaspersky Lab.

“We believe it could be used by someone to break into the iPhone to install malicious apps on the device,” the researcher wrote in an advisory.

Security firm Trend Micro also warned that iOS 8 could also be vulnerable to this kind of attack, pointing out that a number other vulnerabilities in iOS 8 also pose a risk.

But Trend Micro said there were some additional factors that make this type of attack less likely.

Users can only connect to the device via Bluetooth and not through a Wi-Fi network.

They must be using the same device for both Bluetooth and Wi-fi connections.

And iOS devices don’t have any built-in Wi-amp feature that would allow them to communicate with a computer or other device.

To exploit the flaw, a hacker would need access to the iOS device and then use Bluetooth to connect to a nearby Bluetooth-enabled device and send data to the attacker.

If the attacker can gain access to a Bluetooth-capable device, they can then send data over Bluetooth to the remote computer.

Once the attacker has the Bluetooth device, he can then exploit the vulnerability by sending data to that device via a Wi

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