NHL players, coaches, officials and other hockey personnel are already facing an increased risk of exposure after the release of a video last week that showed a team trainer being punched during a heated confrontation.

In the clip, the trainer is seen grabbing an opponent’s arm and attempting to drag him away from a teammate who was being taunted by a player, while the player’s partner responds in kind.

The trainer then appears to fall to the ground, which the player then attempts to retrieve.

The player’s teammate then tries to intervene, but is pushed to the floor.

He is then kicked and punched by the trainer.

The video was released by the St. Louis Blues, who have now suspended the trainer indefinitely.

A source familiar with the situation told ESPN.com on Friday that the league is in the process of working with the team and its players, and will address the issue further if warranted.

The St. Paul Saints, who were the team’s third-leading scorer last season, were not named in the video.

The NHL declined to comment on the status of the incident.

The New York Rangers also did not name the trainer, but the team issued a statement on Friday.

“The New York Islanders organization and all players are deeply concerned about the actions of an individual who is no longer with the club.

We have suspended the player indefinitely and have placed him on leave.

The organization will continue to monitor the situation closely,” the statement read.

The Rangers, however, are expected to address the matter further, with owner Ted Leonsis reportedly expected to issue a statement in the next few days.

The San Jose Sharks have also been named in some of the videos, and they also have suspended one player indefinitely.

The league has suspended the other players.

A number of teams have also announced suspensions, including the Minnesota Wild and the Arizona Coyotes, both of whom have named players in the videos as well.

The incidents highlight the vulnerabilities of the NHL, a league that has faced an increasing number of lawsuits related to its safety.

The players union has said the league has not been fully forthcoming with information on the videos and that the suspensions were not warranted.

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