Hacker group Anonymous claimed responsibility for an attack on the cybersecurity firm ITG that the company says cost it $30 million in revenue.

Anonymous also posted a video showing hackers stealing the equipment from the ITG network.

Anonymous claims the attack occurred on Wednesday, the same day the company reported that it had been hacked by a group of attackers.

In a statement to CNN, ITG said it had found a number of security vulnerabilities that had been exploited.

ITG’s chief technology officer, Richard M. O’Brien, said in a statement that hackers stole “an unknown amount of valuable data,” including the company’s “privacy, encryption, and encryption keys” from its data center.

“We’ve taken the necessary steps to prevent this from happening again,” he said.

Anonymous has not yet claimed responsibility, and ITG says it is investigating the claim.

Anonymous says it had gained access to the network of ITG and took a “significant amount” of data.

IT, which was founded in 2002, said it is not affiliated with the group.

Anonymous released a video that purported to show a person being carried away by a black SUV with two men in the backseat.

The video was posted on Twitter by a hacker known as “Vince.”

The hackers then posted another video that showed two men dressed in black walking through the IT network and taking the computer equipment, according to ITG.

The hackers also claimed to have stolen data from the data center and an “unknown amount” from the company, IT said.

IT said it does not know the identities of the people involved.

IT was able to restore access to its systems, according the statement.

Anonymous did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.

In March, Anonymous posted a series of videos of alleged attempts by hackers to steal sensitive data from data centers.

In one video, a man wearing a mask and holding a cellphone can be seen hacking into a computer server in an attempt to steal data, according.

The videos were part of a series Anonymous dubbed the “Dark Net” and targeted corporate data centers in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Anonymous said it targeted “companies, governments, and individuals” by releasing videos and threatening to release information.

In the latest video, an image appears on screen of a black sedan and a hooded figure, saying, “You’re gonna have to wait until you get home.

That’s what we’re gonna do to you.”

The group claimed responsibility by using an alias that was not used in previous video releases.

IT says it was unable to trace the vehicle used to carry the person away.

The group has claimed responsibility in previous attacks on major corporations, including the Sony Pictures hack and the Anthem breach.

It has also attacked banks and credit card companies.

In February, the group claimed to be responsible for hacking into the computer systems of the American Airlines Network and the Visa network.

The attacks, which were blamed on the group known as Lizard Squad, were aimed at the financial services industry and other targets.

The attack has been blamed on a Russian military intelligence agency.

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