Google has released an update to its Chrome browser that fixes a vulnerability that allowed attackers to steal passwords from users with a blue keep extension.

Google has also announced it is adding two more vulnerabilities to its security list, one that allows a malicious browser to use the extension’s “keystroke” data to gain access to an email account and another that allows an attacker to access a user’s phone remotely via a Bluetooth connection. 

Affected versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari include a security update for the blue keep app, and an update for Chrome extensions that enable the extension. 

The two vulnerabilities have been patched since June. 

Users with blue keep extensions can disable the extension by clicking on the button on the top right corner of the browser window. 

While it’s not clear what type of data the extension stores, it’s unclear how attackers would use the data.

Chrome and Safari users who disable the blue maintainer extension should see the following message when attempting to log in to an account: Your login attempts are being redirected to a secure page.

This may be to ensure that your login attempt is successful. 

This warning is intended to help protect Chrome users against malware attacks.

If you don’t want your password stolen, you can disable this extension.

The update also includes a fix for a vulnerability in the extension that could allow attackers to execute arbitrary code on the user’s machine. 

As we previously reported, the blue keeps extension is a Chrome extension that lets users create custom extensions, which are apps that can be installed on an individual user’s computer.

This extension also allows users to create custom websites for personal or corporate use, such as social media profiles.

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