A security researcher has used a vulnerability in Servicena’s cloud service to exploit a bug in the browser’s security framework. 

The exploit relies on a Servicene security feature that allows the browser to inject arbitrary code into the browser when a user attempts to login. 

“We are not aware of any exploits of this feature,” the company told SecurityWeek. 

It said the vulnerability was “implemented in Serviceenow.com, and was present in the default web browser and the latest version of the Servicenic web browser, which is the version of Serviceena that is installed on most systems”.

The vulnerability was discovered by security researcher Ondrej Vyper of the Internet Security Research Group, who was able to exploit it by using a Serviceene web application to log in to an attacker-controlled system.

The vulnerability, he wrote in a blog post on Tuesday, allowed an attacker to remotely execute arbitrary code by accessing the browser, but only if the attacker had the right privileges on the compromised system.

“We did find a vulnerability that allows an attacker with the right rights to execute arbitrary Javascript code, which in turn can cause a denial of service (DoS) to the Serviceens website. 

In other words, the JavaScript execution can cause the Services website to be blocked for a large number of users.

This is because we are not able to properly protect the JavaScript code that is executed on the server and by the server,” he said. 

Vyper’s blog post has since been pulled from the internet.

“As we cannot be responsible for the actions of other people who have downloaded the same version of our web applications, we cannot verify whether the malicious JavaScript executed by the attacker was present,” Servicens website said in a statement.

“Our team of experts and security researchers have been working to patch this vulnerability and it will be patched in the coming weeks,” it added.

The company said it had already patched the issue, and that it would be improving the security of Services web application by updating the Javascript code in the web applications. 

However, it warned that the vulnerability could still be used to access websites which were not secured against this type of attack.

Servicenews.com has been in operation since 1999. 

Servicena said it was not aware that it had been used to exploit the Servics vulnerabilities.

“Servicenes web application is an open source, fully tested and maintained software platform that offers a full suite of security and privacy features,” the statement said.

“The vulnerability we discovered allows attackers to bypass the sandbox, which means that users are able to compromise a system’s security in order to gain access to data.”

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