The latest bug bounty program for cybersecurity experts, which began this week, is drawing to a close, according to a notice posted to the website of the US cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike.

The notice said the bounty program had reached 3,304,000 US dollars.

It was launched on Wednesday by CrowdStrike, which said the total number of awards was about 7 million US dollars, including those for “security fixes” and “bug bounty” programs.

A spokesman for Cisco said the company had not received any complaints about the bug bounty programs.

“We’re notifying the people that have signed up to participate in the bug bounties that they have been eligible for their prize,” Cisco security spokesman Mike Debono said in a statement. 

On Tuesday, the cybersecurity firm Symantec released a report about a massive cyberattack in the United States.

The company said it found at least 5,000 “stolen” computers, including servers used by US companies including AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

SymantEC said it has found more than 2,000 vulnerabilities in the way Cisco switches, routers and other devices are used in attacks in at least 21 countries, including Russia, Ukraine and Iran.

“We found a vast amount of data about these devices, and that included passwords, logins, encryption keys, and IP addresses,” Symantek said.

“Many of the attacks we’ve seen over the past year have been targeting these devices.

In our investigation, we discovered a vast number of vulnerabilities.”

 In a statement to Reuters, Symantech said it had found at “a minimum” more than 700,000 devices with the vulnerability that had been compromised.

Symantscript, the company that runs Symantex, did not say whether any of its customers had been impacted by the bug.

The bug bounty campaigns were started in December to reward researchers who discovered new vulnerabilities in devices.

The cybersecurity firms said they are currently seeking more than 300,000 rewards.

In a note to employees on Wednesday, Symantsec said: “We are excited to announce that we have successfully reached our target of 3,000,000 reward for researchers who find vulnerabilities in Cisco switches and routers.”

The firm said it will announce the total amount of reward payments this week.

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