Cisco asa has been known for its vulnerability in relational database, especially when it comes to encryption, and has now been identified in a vulnerability in its SAP service.

The vulnerability was discovered in SAPs own API, and is believed to be exploitable via a SQL injection.

The SAP vulnerability was first disclosed in October of last year, and was patched in June of this year.

The security hole in SAP’s API, called the CAPI (Content Application Access) API, allows attackers to create SQL queries and insert SQL statements that will trigger vulnerabilities when executed on the SAP server.

The exploit also allows them to read the data being stored in the database, potentially compromising the security of the data.

This vulnerability is a serious one and could potentially compromise the SAP service for many users.

Cisco asp published an alert to its users on Wednesday stating that the vulnerability could lead to SQL injection, and that it is only discovered by SAP users.

Users should upgrade to version 8.2 of SAP before running SAP on Cisco asx, Cisco ass said.

The advisory states that the SAP vulnerability is caused by an implementation flaw in SAP that is used by SAP to provide its database services, including SAP’s content-based authentication system.

Users can take action to prevent SAP from executing SQL injections on their SAPs database.

If SAP’s database server or SAP application fails to properly configure a connection to the SAP, the SAP user will be unable to log in to the database.

Users are also urged to upgrade to the latest version of SAP for security.

This is not the first time SAP has been identified as vulnerable to SQL injections.

SAP last month patched a vulnerability that could allow SQL injection on its SQL server and applications that use the SAP API.

SAP’s previous vulnerability, which was discovered by researchers at Red Hat, was a SQL Injection vulnerability that allowed SQL injection attacks in some SAP applications, including its own database.

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