A security research firm has uncovered vulnerabilities in five of the most popular social media platforms and a vulnerability in a web application, making them all vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Brene Brown, an expert in digital forensics and security, found the vulnerability in the social network platforms of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vimeo.

The flaws were first reported on Wednesday, and Brown tweeted that the vulnerability had already been patched by Facebook, according to the Wall Street Journal.

She also wrote that it was not yet clear if other social media services were also vulnerable.

Brown, who worked as a security researcher for the security firm Verisign for six years, said she did not think that Facebook would be vulnerable, but that the company did not have enough security protections to protect the social networks.

“As we’ve seen in the past, there are vulnerabilities in the companies that use Facebook,” Brown said.

“I think it’s a matter of time until there are also vulnerabilities in these other platforms.

It’s just a matter if the other platforms are also as vulnerable.”

The flaws could make the social networking platforms more vulnerable to malicious attacks, she said.

Facebook is the most widely used social media platform, and users of its popular video sharing site, Facebook Live, use it to post video and photo content.

Instagram has more than three million users.

Twitter, which has about 8 million users, also has more users than Facebook, but it does not allow users to upload video.

Vimeo is a video hosting site, which is used to host and distribute video content.

Twitter is also a video sharing website.

Both Twitter and Facebook allow users who have a verified Twitter account to share images or videos, but Twitter does not permit users to make a personal video or to make personal audio or video.

Twitter does allow users on Facebook to share photos, but those photos are only available to verified users.

Instagram does allow photos to be shared by users who are verified.

The Wall Street Post said that Twitter confirmed the flaws but did not give any details about how they were discovered.

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Vulnerable platforms Twitter and Tumblr have had issues with spam and malware that have been found to be distributed through the platforms, according a vulnerability disclosure statement by Symantec published on Monday.

The vulnerability discovered by Brown is different than previous ones discovered by researchers.

Her previous vulnerabilities were in social networking sites that are used to distribute malicious software and in social media sites, but this is different, according the vulnerability disclosure report.

The disclosure also said that Brown was able to determine which of the five platforms had the flaws by looking at the code for the code used to run them.

Brown said that it took her about two weeks to find the flaw, which was discovered on Wednesday.

The vulnerability was not in any of the platforms that were not previously known to be vulnerable to security issues, according her blog.

Brown was able do this because the vulnerability has been found in the JavaScript code that runs on Facebook, which Brown wrote in her blog that she discovered in February.

She said that she took a screenshot of the JavaScript in question and that it contained code that allowed her to open the page and see what it looked like.

The vulnerabilities are likely to be relatively easy to exploit, Brown said in her post.

“You can easily exploit the vulnerability by sending malicious JavaScript via email or RSS,” she said, adding that she found a number of websites that used Facebook’s code to spread malware, but she could not find any of them.

Twitter has also seen its share of security vulnerabilities.

Earlier this year, Symantech reported that the social media company was vulnerable to a number known as Cross-Site Scripting, or XSS, attacks, which are when JavaScript is inserted into an HTML document and the document is then submitted to a web page.

Symantech said that Facebook had already patched the vulnerabilities.

The company has also patched the same bugs in its video hosting service.

“There is no reason to assume that any of these vulnerabilities are exclusive to Facebook,” the vulnerability publication said.

The publication added that Symantek’s investigation showed that it is unlikely that the vulnerabilities were discovered by Facebook because the vulnerabilities have been previously patched.

Symantsec has been monitoring the vulnerability.

The Facebook Security Advisory Board, which Symantep’s report on Tuesday referred to as the Facebook Advisory Board , is composed of experts from the security industry, social media companies, academic institutions, and government agencies.

Symantext’s advisory board includes some experts from academia, the tech industry, and the intelligence community.

The board is expected to vote on the Facebook Security Bulletin and Facebook’s response to the issue on Thursday, according Symantectech.

SymANTEC has published a report on the vulnerabilities it found in social networks last week.

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