‘It is hard to believe that the country is not in a panic’: Senate passes bill to protect vulnerable republicans

The Senate has passed a bill to require that vulnerable republics report their vulnerability to the federal government and help the states and territories protect themselves.The Senate has also passed a measure to give the Senate the power to make amendments to the national security legislation passed by the US House of Representatives in April.The […]

When will Ireland pay for the Tiktoks vulnerability?

An Irish report on the vulnerability of a security system used to manage online payments has raised questions about the country’s response to the risk.The report, by the Irish Institute of Technology’s Digital Security Centre, has raised concerns about the government’s handling of the threat, with many believing that the country is waiting until a […]

How to identify a cyber vulnerability

Some of the most common vulnerabilities in banking systems are not necessarily the ones you might think.In fact, many of the vulnerabilities can be used to bypass controls that can help prevent a breach.This article looks at a new vulnerability in Australia’s banking systems that can allow a hacker to perform a data breach.Read more […]

Vulnerabilities revealed in Vulnerabilties in the Windows Server 2016 Severity Rating Disclosure Program

Vulneribilities in Windows Server 1607, the current Windows Server Severity rating, have been revealed in the latest Microsoft vulnerability disclosure.According to a blog post from Microsoft, the Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) program is a publicly available vulnerability disclosure tool for security researchers.The vulnerability disclosure team at Microsoft published the details of the vulnerability in the […]

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