Which WordPress vulnerabilities are causing a spike in reports?

By David R. DeSilvaUpdated January 21, 2020 09:57:30The number of WordPress-related reports from WordPress users spiked this week, hitting a new all-time high of over 7,000, according to security researcher David Ressler.The spike comes after several weeks of significant WordPress CVEs.WordPress has been plagued by a number of security vulnerabilities for several years.WordPress, which was […]

Which Microsoft teams have vulnerabilities?

Microsoft teams vulnerability reports are often quite interesting and often quite useful.Microsoft has long used these reports to inform the way it develops its security software, and the company has published detailed security advisories on a daily basis.Now, the company is releasing a new vulnerability report for each of its teams, which will provide a […]

How to exploit iOS 8 vulnerability

iOS 8.1.1, the latest version of the iOS operating system, is vulnerable to a potentially fatal vulnerability.It has been reported by a number of people that the vulnerability is present in the Apple mobile operating system version 8.0.1 and 8.2.0, but only if the device has been upgraded to iOS 8 and has an iPhone […]

How to Prevent Cyberattacks with This Free Tool

Vulnerable Child Syndrome is a term coined by the U.S. Department of Defense that describes a variety of behavioral and physiological disorders that can affect young children.The term refers to a range of issues, including behavioral difficulties and emotional disturbance.The CDC has issued guidelines to help parents and healthcare professionals protect children from cyberattacks, but […]

Why hackers are using ransomware to steal bank credentials

A cybersecurity researcher says that he has found a way to infect a victim’s computer with ransomware.The malware is designed to take control of the victim’s system and install a new version of itself to steal the user’s passwords, bank credentials, and other sensitive information.The malicious software has the same appearance as the original version […]

Which sites are vulnerable to vulnerability management?

The next vulnerability management job is here, with several candidates applying.The job is a one-hour course in how to manage the spread of vulnerabilities in sites and web applications.The company that runs the course, Cybersecurity Academy, says the program will teach its employees how to prevent, detect, and respond to the threat of malware.It offers […]

How Zoom Vulnerability 2020 is a Human Vulnerability Source Business Insider

6th September 2020 – A third of the world’s population will suffer from a human vulnerability in 2026. This is according to a report released on Wednesday by the Global Vulnerability Tracker (GVT), an online tool which allows anyone to check the vulnerability of any software product.The report by the UK-based research group said there are over […]

How iot is being used to hack and hack the world, by Adam Berry

Wired magazine is reporting on an emerging threat that’s making the internet vulnerable to attack: the iot vulnerability.According to Wired, the vulnerability allows attackers to exploit a flaw in the way that iot devices are configured and are connected to the internet, allowing them to remotely compromise the devices.The exploit, if discovered, would allow a […]

Polygon, The New York Times, &c. vulnerabilities are too common, study says,0

Polygon has published a study that claims to show the prevalence of vulnerability in the internet.The study says the number of vulnerabilities has grown significantly over the past few years, with the number in the past five years growing by 50 percent.The study notes that this may be due to the increasing complexity of using […]

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