How to scan your email to see if your passwords are vulnerable

Engadgets title 10 things you don’t know about passwords and passwords for websites article Engads  (Engadget)  “When your passwords become insecure, it’s really easy for someone to get your account,” he said.“If you want to use a new password that you’ve never heard of before, you might not have a good idea where to start.”“That […]

What to do if you think you’ve been affected by the vulnerability

A vulnerability in the Emotionally Vulnerable web-based vulnerability scanner is causing problems for thousands of web users in the United Kingdom.Emotionually Vulnerable is a vulnerability scanner that checks if a website you visit has been accessed via a vulnerable web server.The vulnerability scanner reports if a vulnerable server is found.It can also automatically check for […]

‘I feel vulnerable’: A tech expert explains how ‘Zoom’ vulnerability fix could be exploited in a fake email threat

A security researcher said he felt vulnerable after a fake message on Twitter said he was a “zoom exploit” victim.The “zampole” message, which was retweeted by @HannibalZampolis, said: “I feel entitled to exploit your vulnerability in order to prove your vulnerabilities to the world.”The Twitter user’s message was later deleted and a message from the […]

How to fix the vulnerability of Israel’s nuclear program

The Israeli nuclear program has been subject to multiple security vulnerabilities since its establishment in the early 1980s.Israel’s weapons production program was largely under the radar until the mid-2000s when it was exposed for the first time in a high-profile attack.The first attack was attributed to the PLO, which had previously claimed responsibility for a […]

What to know about the 2016 election vulnerabilities of senators 2020

As Democrats prepare for the 2018 midterm elections, they are struggling to put together a winning coalition.While the party has plenty of strong candidates in its ranks, it lacks a clear path forward to winning.The vulnerabilities in the 2020 election cycle will be critical to their success. The most glaring vulnerability for Democrats in 2020 is […]

NSA’s cyberspace strategy relies on the same outdated technology that it was building for the war in Afghanistan, writes Chris Woods

Google’s strategy for cyberspaces relies heavily on legacy technologies, from the same flawed, insecure architectures that were designed to defeat the Afghan war.This article was originally published on the Guardian website.The story has been updated to reflect Google’s response.

Philippines to allow internet use without mobile data plans

A Philippines court has allowed internet access to millions of citizens without paying a subscription fee.Internet access in the country, which has been struggling with an acute telecommunications blackout for several months, is available to all.The decision was made on Tuesday by Judge María S. Aguirre Jr., the chairwoman of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), […]

Which web apps have the Google Chrome vulnerability?

Google Chrome security researchers are warning users to change their default passwords after the company announced it was working on a “hazard vulnerability” for web applications.In a blog post published on Thursday, Google said it would “continue to work with partners to provide security updates for our applications.”Google’s security team, however, said it was investigating […]

NetLogon vulnerability in Windows allows attackers to inject arbitrary files and scripts into infected machines

Wired Microsoft is aware of a vulnerability in its Windows operating system that allows an attacker to inject an arbitrary file or script into infected computers.The flaw is described in a blog post by the company on Tuesday.The vulnerability is currently being used in a small number of cases by hackers.Microsoft’s advisory does not specify […]

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