How to fix a vulnerability in leadership: How to avoid a vulnerability

The vulnerabilities in the leadership and leadership skills of the leaders of a country can be used to undermine the national interest.The authors of the report, from the Institute for Governance and Public Policy, say that leadership weaknesses in the country are “the biggest challenge to the national security interests of the United States.”The report […]

What to know about the OpenSSL vulnerability that affects the internet, Twitter, and your privacy

Insider Threat Vulnerability – Insider Threat is an investigative and investigative reporting blog covering security and cybersecurity topics.If you find an article here that you think should be on Insider Threat, please let us know via the contact form.We’re also happy to add you to our mailing list so that we can keep you up […]

Google, Twitter, and Amazon are in a race to win zero day vulnerabilities

Vulnerable websites can be scanned with a tool called the Zero Day Scanner, a tool created by security researchers at Google and the New York Times.This week, Google and Twitter revealed they’re also scanning all websites for zero day exploits, vulnerabilities, and exploits.Google says its scanning is available to anyone, with the caveat that only […]

A security researcher finds vulnerabilities in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

A security research firm has uncovered vulnerabilities in five of the most popular social media platforms and a vulnerability in a web application, making them all vulnerable to cyber attacks.Brene Brown, an expert in digital forensics and security, found the vulnerability in the social network platforms of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vimeo.The flaws were first […]

What is a hazard vulnerability assessment?

What is an hazard vulnerability?An assessment is a tool that helps companies identify vulnerabilities and identify the potential for damage, damage control and recovery.Hazards are generally defined as situations that can lead to significant loss of life or property, and their location in the environment can impact on people’s ability to adapt to changes in […]

The best vulnerability scanner for Windows 7

Security researchers have uncovered a flaw that could allow an attacker to remotely exploit vulnerabilities in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.The vulnerability could be used to remotely gain root privileges on Windows 7 systems.The bug, described in a new advisory, could be exploited by a hacker to install a malicious application on a compromised system.The […]

How to exploit vulnerable websites

As more and more websites are being hacked and compromised, cyber criminals are taking advantage of the vulnerability on vulnerable websites to exploit it.Here’s how to protect yourself against these attacks. How to protect your data from cyberattacks.Cyber criminals are exploiting vulnerabilities in vulnerable websites that allow them to steal sensitive data from the machines running […]

How to protect yourself from emotional vulnerability: Emotional vulnerability: Understanding the impact of emotional vulnerability

By David R. Smith The term emotional vulnerability is a term which describes a state of heightened vulnerability, and has been used to describe a person’s state of being vulnerable, as well as a person who suffers from emotional distress.The term is commonly used in the legal sphere, where it is used to define people who […]

How to Get a Critical Vulnerability Scanning Tool for Your Business

By now, the term vulnerability scanning has entered the mainstream, but a new tool called VulnerabilityScanning, developed by the Palo Alto Networks cybersecurity research team, is a great tool for anyone looking to scan a database or system for a new, potentially exploitable vulnerability.It’s not just a database scanning tool for your data.It will be […]

Cisco ASA vulnerability in relationship vulnerability in SAP

Cisco asa has been known for its vulnerability in relational database, especially when it comes to encryption, and has now been identified in a vulnerability in its SAP service.The vulnerability was discovered in SAPs own API, and is believed to be exploitable via a SQL injection.The SAP vulnerability was first disclosed in October of last […]

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